Noteworthy Music Sites

FunTrivia: The Trivia Portal

Looking for some fun on the Web? Play quirky music quizzes on the Funtrivia site. The quizzes are written by members of the site (registration is free and easy), so the result is a small community of online quiz-makers. There are literally thousands of quizzes from which to choose, so one can test his or her trivia knowledge on favorite groups. Although the site itself is overly simple and the quizzes can get old pretty fast, the games in which one can match lyrics with the artists that who sang them are both addictive and time-consuming.

American Classical Music Hall of Fame

This seems to be an easy and well crafted Web site. A non-profit organization “devoted to celebrating the past, present and future of classical music,” the American Classical Music Hall of Frame (ACMHF) has a real location in Cincinnati that houses various artifacts, musical samples and a performance area. The design of the site works with the sophisticated image of the ACMHF and classical music in general. Small animated images take a little time to load for those with slower internet connections, but the result is visually appealing and well worth the wait. Valuable information about inductees and registration are the highlights of the site, along with in-depth info about all members on the board of trustees. Now if only they could get their online exhibits working.

Liveclub UK

“Dedicated to the UK music scene & unsigned musicians,” Liveclub UK, an actual club in the Surrey and Hampshire area of England, showcases up-and-coming musicians, transformed into an under-popular Web site. Liveclub is a veritable watershed of resources for bands in the UK. Some of these resources include a directory of local bands, databases of recording studios, rehearsal spaces and even management companies for those looking to get signed. Another interesting aspect is the Liveclub radio station that specializes in playing more underground groups.

by Jeff Sellers