Noteworthy Music Sites

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A Different Mix

Ever start playing a game but find yourself paying more attention to the music than the action, even tapping your toes? Then this site is for you. Since its beginning in 1999 as a spin-off of a webcomic, Overclocked ReMix has been turning out remixes and rearrangements of music from video games both old and new. Though it initially began with just David Lloyd – a.k.a. djpretzel – and a few friends, the site now lists almost 500 contributors and just shy of 1500 songs that tap games from Arkanoid to Zelda: Twilight Princess. If you feel inspired by what you hear, the site also has many resources to help you make your own remix and submit it to the judges.
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Concert Music

With a slogan like “Music Dorks Love Us,” it’s hard to ignore a site like concert livewire. The site offers some quality concert reviews and other music news, but the real gem in its repertoire is the calendar search, which allows the user to input the name of a performer and retrieve all the currently available tour dates for that performer in the United States.

by Brandon Renner

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Calling All Cowboy Music Connoisseurs’s homepage sets an overall nostalgic tone for the site, with the page opening to the sound of classic country and a vintage-looking photo arrangement of cowboys and cowgirls from the west. This site is dedicated to anything associated with the Western Music Association. The quick menu, also made available on the home page, is a source that makes it easy for visitors to explore the different facets of the site.
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Into the Heart of Sacred Harp and Singing makes sure that the heart of sacred harp and note singing continues to beat despite its historic and colonial roots. This site is meant to educate visitors on the history of sacred harp, which happens to be a form of shape note singing, and it also gives the reader the opportunity to listen and read articles concerning this style of musical expression.
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From Top to Bottom in the Top 40 World of Music has established a site that is committed to providing top 40 music fans with recent articles about their favorite pop artists and their latest musical releases. The site also features links that will lead visitors to more detailed parts of the site, and they are sure to give these visitors the chance to further enhance their knowledge about the pop music scene with quiz questions and other informative features.
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Gospel Sounds from the South professes itself to be the “the printed voice of Southern gospel music.” The site covers everything from the basic news and lists of the chart-topping gospel songs of the moment, and it also includes concert listings and major events. Links for radio stations are also made available and they are specific to the state that the listener lives in.

by Sophia Castrillo