Noteworthy Sites

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Swinging to a Jazzy Tune
This site’s obvious focus is on offering its visitors a diverse jazz experience. This is made evident on the sites home page, which offers links such as radio audio from long ago to big band history. The visitor can choose whether they want to inform themselves on the history of swing, the history of jazz, or to the current issues, which make an impact on many people.
by Sophia Castrillo

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Classical Timeline
Through this page one could click on any time period and get a brief overview of the classical music events from 4000 B.C. to 1900. This is a useful way to brush up on the history of classical music throughout the world. However the history of music for the 20th century is still under construction.
by Michelle Llaguno

The Full Measure
Wolfgang Amadus Mozart
A beautifully formatted Web site, dedicated to the introduction of Mozart’s musical life and compositions. The site divides its information into four categories: concerts, compositions, biography, and a media library. The web site is for people who enjoy reading more on Mozart and the classical music he composed.
by Angela Cortez

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More on Songs
Say the radio just played a song that sounded familiar and it didn’t sound quite right. What they probably played was a cover, a song recorded by an artist other than the original artist or composer, usually with some variation. If you want to figure out who did the cover – or if you’ve got an old favorite on which you’d like to hear a modern take – this site is a good place to start. You can search their database of over 50,000 songs with details as sketchy or complete as you’d like, and you can even submit your own if you feel you’ve heard a cover that isn’t listed on their site.
by Brandon Renner