Noteworthy Music Sites

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For those who are most interested in getting a brief overview on the history of pop music, The Observer makes that possible. Though they give their own definition of the top 50 moments that most shaped pop music’s history, they do offer explanations as to why these moments were so influential.

Uplifting the Spirit features online contemporary Christian music for listeners who are not able to tune into one of their radio stations. They promise to provide their listeners with positive, encouraging lyrics, and they also make it possible for their listeners to submit prayer requests. Those who tune in will also be updated on the latest Christian happenings from around the world.

Rock In Its Various Forms’s primary focus appears to be on keeping classic rock alive. They still offer their visitors the opportunity to purchase the out-of-print rock music documentary entitled Haight-Ashbury in the Sixties (which happens to include performances by bands like The Grateful Dead). This is not the only documentary offered on this site though. They also offer many others on artists like Bob Dylan.

The Best of Online Radio provides links that will lead its visitors to whichever online music site they want to visit, depending on the genre that they are interested in, of course. will meet the musical needs of any person’s ears.

Great Expectations
Classical Live Online Radio is for those who appreciate the relaxing sound of classical music. This site states that their purpose is “to collect all live-broadcasting classical radio stations on the Web.” They not only display links to these sites but, in addition, they explain the content of each site.

Music and More Music is a site for anyone who has any interest in online radio whatsoever. Though they do provide stations featuring American top 40 hits, they also make it possible for those with more specific musical preferences to have their needs meet, with stations such as Modern Rock Classics, Brit Rock, and Swingin’ Pop Standards. Also, everyone with Internet access can easily choose to listen to any of their 240 stations, since they are all free.

by Sophia Castrillo