It’s About Music

The following web sites have been updated and are again featured because these sites greatly share and inform about music. They also contain a vast amount on related projects and also highlight the people who create the music that many people enjoy hearing.

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Silk Road Project
According to artistic director and world renown cellist Yo-Yo Ma: “In 1998, I founded the Silk Road Project to study the ebb and flow of ideas among different cultures along the Silk Road [in China]…the Silk Road Project hopes to plant the seeds of new artistic and cultural growth, and to celebrate living traditions and musical voices throughout the world.” And according to the Web site, the Silk Road in China was heavily traveled by traders, monks and musicians. Much is packed into the site. The colorful and interesting music videos also provides plenty of information from a wide range of artists on a distinctive and interesting web site.

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Rap World
Attention hip hop fans: Bookmark this site for it’s easy to read history of Hip hop. The write-ups high light the overall history of this genre and also link the terms and bands to Wikipedia for further information.

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Think Tank of Talent
The American Composers Orchestra (ACO) was founded in 1977 by different composers and conductors to perform and preserve the music of American composers. Not just a conglomerate of performers, this site provides a think tank of influential musical minds with many listings of composers music. And various videos, links, and events. The information on their Web site is in-depth and well written, and the site is easy to navigate and is full of excellent information for those who want to know more about the ACO.

by Jeff Sellers