New Borders

Music continues to broaden its borders and enrich the lives of those who enjoy it. Many appreciate what music history provides because it continues to offer a special journey of discovery and rediscovery. As a token of respect and value, we center here on sources for learning about centuries of musical forms ranging from classical music to jazz as well as the undervalued musical accomplishments of minorities and women.

European Classic Art for the Ear
Classical Archives is true to its word. In a bright and simple format, it targets essential classical music composers and works and even incorporates a new recordings selection. But the most rewarding aspect of the Website is its great downloading and listening feature, which makes it very easy for researchers and new classical music fans to hear some of the greatest pieces of music in history.

Music History from a Western Lens
It seems to be a comprehensive tool on Western music from the Middle Ages to the Twentieth Century. The site also has sound files. Six eras are addressed (Middle Ages, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Twentieth Century), each prefaced with a general summary of the time. The site also contains links to important composers and musical features therein.

Black Composers and Classical Music
Classical Music Recordings of Black Composers details overlooked black classical composers over three centuries and three landmasses (Europe, Africa and the Americas). The reference guide features sections on “recordings” (over 800 works) and “composers” (over 400) and offers varied recommendations and links for a deeper learning experience.

A Look into Women’s Contributions to Music
Timelines sometimes give the eye a rest from blocks of paragraphs containing information. The respected and acclaimed Oxford Music Online pinpoints key events of several landmark female musical achievements, ranging from 810 A.D. to March 2000. The central focus here is largely on jazz and classical music forms, but it is still an awe-inspiring range of information.

Listen and Digest
“An attempt to collect all live-broadcasting classical radio stations on the Web” is no easy feat. While it is impossible to reach this goal, Classical Live Onli ne Radio does provide a list of good radio stations spanning the globe. Each description comes with a location of the service, a synopsis of what is being played and details of the audio links. Don’t spend hours looking for a database like this because it’s all here for your listening pleasure.

I Am Woman
IAWM (The International Alliance for Women in Music) was created in 1995 to appreciate, promote and expand female roles in the world of music. Emphasizing historical and contemporary female composers, the Website offers a myriad of resources and opportunities and has a growing membership. Be sure to check out the bi-yearly Journal of the IAWM.

Play By Ear
Von Huene Workshop, Inc., based in the New England region, has been producing historical woodwind instruments since 1960. Recorders (the main commodity), flutes (Baroque, Renaissance), reeds (such as oboes and bassoons) and even a Viole de Gamba are ready for purchase. Sheet music and recordings are also in stock, and a schedule for upcoming exhibitions is provided. If you want a musical history course you can engage with thoroughly, then visit here.

by Jeff Boyce