Tune Your Ears In

The many classical music websites help in the preservation and appreciation of this art form. On the opposite end, African music and hip-hop/indie rock are also celebrated. The myriad of music styles is as compelling as the centuries they have prospered and endured in.

Categorizing Classical Music

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Over 6,000 classical performances and hundreds of classical composers enrich this database where MP3’s and sheet music are free for hearing and viewing. The categories are easy to use, whether one wants to search performer by instrument or by genre. Supplementing the Website are links to other classical music sites, discussion forums, and Top 100 lists.

by Jeff Boyce

A Useful Knowledge Base for Beginners

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Some popular composers are listed, although the links on each of their biographies direct audiences to different informative resources. There is a neat timeline of the classical music periods and maps of the composers’ birth locations, death sites, and burials. From Bach to Tchaikovsky, this will help beginners understand classical music.

by Jeff Boyce

Convenient Sheet Music for the Public

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Visitors can use any kind of blank sheet music from this Website for free, and it allows them to select the formats (basic or advanced) and options (scales or notes). The staff paper directory has different stave and sheet music geared for particular instruments and one can save their material on the Website. The result is clean and professional sheet music.

by Jeff Boyce

Classical Jazzing

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Dr. Brian Blood of Dolmetsch Online provides meticulous information on music theory and classical/art music history for advanced enthusiasts and those seeking musical clarity. Of particular interest is the section “Music before the 16th century,” which deals with music history regarding the Greeks, Romans, the early Christian Church, the Dark Ages, and the proto-Renaissance era. Jazz is also given its fair share of study. The layout is easy on the eyes, and the abundance of links will thoroughly engross readers.

by Jeff Boyce

Classical Music For Kids

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Classics for Kids is a classical music repository designed to provide children with a fun but engaging learning experience. There are radio shows, activities, games, a musical dictionary and even a directory of composers. Bright colors and appealing visuals will hold the children’s attention, and the reading material will enrich their vocabulary. There are also lesson plans and tips for teachers and parents alike on making the children’s understanding and appreciation of classical music a much more rewarding adventure.

by Jeff Boyce

The Nexus

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Billed as “The World’s Leading Classical Music Group,” Naxos.com offers viewers classical music catalogs with plenty of compositions. Each musical period is prefaced by a short description involving key composers and sounds. New releases, music labels, classical music featured in movies and around the world, news, reviews, and a store enhance the Website.

by Jeff Boyce

Celebrate African Music

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The reputable Stanford library features a section on African music from the motherland and around the world. Highlighted are festivals, documentaries, radio programs, music stores, and individual Websites. From French-speaking to English-speaking links, this is a comprehensive repository that captures the diversity of African culture.

by Jeff Boyce

Mashed Up

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The Chicago-based duo of Aaron Brink and Steve Reidell made their name with “mash-ups” of hip-hop music with indie rock on mixtapes, which are raw musical compilations of various artists. Their blog features upcoming shows, MP3’s, and previews of new tracks.

by Jeff Boyce