Continuity of Music

Music continues to flourish into the digital age. Classical music forms, musical research and education, and music trivia are all over the Internet and continue to inspire, education, and win new fans every day. Presented are links that will enrich and reward viewers’ experiences.

Time for Music Education
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TI-ME (Technology Institute For Music Educators), a non-profit organization, features comprehensive information involving news, conferences, publications, schools, and projects for the advancement of musical education through technology. The easy interface allows great intrapersonal and interpersonal interaction such as chat boards and blogs. It epitomizes its motto “Helping Music Teachers Integrate Technology” since 1995.

Archiving Classical Music
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Classical Archives stays true to its word. In a bright and simple format, it targets essential classical music composers and works and even incorporates a new recordings selection. But the most rewarding aspect of the Website is its great downloading and listening feature, which makes it very easy for researchers and new classical music fans to hear some of the greatest pieces of music history.

by Jeff Boyce

Tutor and Study
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The Musical Intervals Tutor is for beginners who really want to understand the sounds of basic music intervals from minor second to perfect octave. Sound snippets, pictures, and examples, along with the relative ease of information, will enhance understanding. Tests in various modes and scales are also ready as are various links for further learning.

by Jeff Boyce

The World of Music
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Musicopedia’s article on “world music” is short but concise, mentioning key musicians such as Cheb Mami, Babatunde Olatunji, and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. Albums such as Baka Beyond’s Journey Between (1998) and Pandit Ravi Shankar’s The Concert for Bangladesh (1971) are also highlighted.

by Jeff Boyce

This Day In Music
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Visitors are greeted daily with key events in the modern music world. At the end is a listing of famous artist’s birthdays, and above are interesting tabs such as “factoids,” which presents interesting music trivia, and “mugshots” of select artists. Viewers can even win free items through their contests. A good and fast easy dose of music trivia.

by Jeff Boyce

The British Experience
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It cannot be overstated that by the time of rock ‘n’ roll era, Great Britain has produced some of the most influential and impacting music around. History Today discusses this British musical experience and reveals a permanent musical exhibition. Memorabilia and pictures will accompany over 100 music artists that have shaped modern British culture and the world.

by Jeff Boyce

Little Symphonies for the Kiddies
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Children will get a fun learning experience of classical music through this colorful and highly interactive Website. The San Francisco Symphony Kids allows children to send postcards, make their own music, listen to a radio station geared for them, and learn various instruments. There are even concerts and events for the family to enjoy.

by Jeff Boyce