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The Internet has fundamentally altered the musical landscape. Mp3 downloads and online marketing have become increasingly important to the music industry, which has attempted to integrate this new technology into older business models with varying degrees of success. However, for fans of music, the Web is now a primary resource for enjoying and learning more about music.

Psychobilly Music
Psychobilly, a strange mutant child of punk and rockabilly, establishes a strong Web presence with this comprehensive site. News, concert listings, album reviews, song lyrics, and even tattoo galleries combine into a great resource for an overlooked subculture. The FAQ alone makes the page helpful to anyone new to the psycho sound.

by Matthew Donovan

Music in Games
For those who are intrigued by the musical compositions that accompany modern video games, here is your Mecca. This site allows viewers to read and post reviews and purchase game music CDs from series and titles such as Final Fantasy and Legend of Zelda. The same information and products are available for music from animated movies and TV shows, such as Ghost in the Shell and Akira. Sheet music is also available for many of these scores, as well as related books and magazines and even certain action figures. This is a special site in that it promotes a music genre that doesn’t get much publicity.

Old Time Music
A shrine to Black gospel music and musicians, this site allows viewers to listen to music from top recording artists, read album reviews written by customers, and check out lyrics for specific songs. Also included are artist profiles, information about new projects, and news concerning gospel awards. Viewers can access links to Christian sites, and perhaps most interesting, they can find out how to be “saved.”

by Andrea Broussard

Medieval Music Anyone?
Doing a paper on medieval music? Interested in learning more about baroque music? Anyone interested in finding more information on early music will find this site a useful jumping-off point to increasing their knowledge of pre-1750s music. The layout is straightforward yet efficient and simple to navigate. One can find highly detailed descriptions of Pythagorean tuning and medieval polyphony or more casual listeners can simply find out what music can be categorized as “early.” Most interesting are the performer and composer discographies and the CD search index. This site has plenty of links and information with a simple Web design that works.

by Jeff Sellers

Searching for a classic soul song? Don’t know anything about soul music? Either way, www.soul-sides.com has easy access to great soul music. Viewers can search for songs or browse the main page that contains several albums and sample songs to enjoy. The site was originally created by journalist Oliver Wang for album reviews, but Wang changed the site to a blog format in 2003. Fans email Wang suggestions and he finds files for the site.

by Kayla Heinen

Editors note: These Web reviews have been posted from past issues of Jupiter Index.