Noteworthy Web Sites

Charts Alternatives
Got charts? With an impressive array of sources, this site posts music charts from over 60 countries. The viewer is able to search for charts by continent, country, artist, and/or title. Although the site includes charts from radio stations, the most typical kind, it also provides refreshing alternatives like shop charts (from music stores) and personal charts (from individuals). Also, there are numerous links to other pages with charts and chart-related information. The layout of the site is extremely minimal, serving not so much to entertain but to simply direct the viewer.

by Andrea Broussard

Wolfgang Amadus Mozart
A beautifully formatted Web site, dedicated to the introduction of Mozart’s musical life and compositions. The site divides its information into four categories: concerts, compositions, biography, and a media library. For novices within classical music, this is an effective place to start.

by Angela Cortez

This is the site for opera fans. With six languages from which to choose, people around the world can enjoy Operabase. The site offers a daily-updated list of worldwide articles relating to opera. Schedules for opera shows are posted and updated with detailed information. There are news and reviews, a map of the world with all opera houses searchable, and searches for operas by singer, producer or composer: if that is not enough, there is a reference section on opera.

by Lisa Levine

More on Music
Latin music listeners can end their quest for a site with timely information on the Latin music world by going to LaMusica, a bilingual Latin music site. Enjoy learning about newsworthy Latin artists through music reviews, celebrity chats and interviews. Engage yourself with this week’s featured news stories on the Hispanos Unidos Concert and actress Miriam Colon’s newest film. Hip hop artist Angie Martinez, rock singer Alejandra Guzman and pianist Kevin Ceballo are just a few artists whose work is emphasized in the featured artists section. Delighted with Shakira’s musical genius and booty shaking? Read about this Latin singer whose popularity has grown immensely and gain insight on her childhood and musical experience. LaMusica is an informative site, with much to offer on Latin sounds and culture.

by Adrienne Escalante