Noteworthy Music Sites

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All Access
Easy access to all the great radio stations in Texas, listed in alphabetical order of the city of origin. From classical stations to rock, there is something for every listener. Some sites do have their live broadcast on streaming audio. Go ahead and look up - they have everything from Christian to rock music.

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Some History on Folk Music
Former folk festival programmer Gary Cristall decided to write a book about Folk Music in English Canada. This site is one method Cristall is using for research. The outline and introduction of the book are linked to the main page, and he asks for reader feedback on what he has so far, as well as any information of folk music. Cristall is asking for the opinions of folk performers and listeners before 1970, as well as any folk memorabilia such as songbooks and old festival programs. If you think there is some information Gary Cristall should include in this book, log on to his site and let him know.
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Preserving the 1970s
Welcome to the ‘70’s Preservation Society! Put together by Jim Thomas, a radio personality through the ‘70’s, this site is dedicated to keeping the decade alive through ‘70’s music, TV shows, movies, posters, and more. You can easily take a trip down memory lane when you search the top forty music database for your favorite ‘70’s song. A must-see for those who still secretly own their Jackson 5 poster. And they have a live stream button too.

by Lauren Kent

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Music Target
Geared toward the popular alt-rock scene, this site provides information and resources to stay updated within this vein of music. The site dedicates its homepage to weekly music headlines and a general pop chart. Other links within the site include a thorough archive of file-sharing sites and Web music news. This site is notable for those interested in the popular music scene.

by Angela Cortez