Classic Music of Many Centuries

As we start another decade in a new century, music continues to broaden its borders and enrich lives. But we must appreciate what musical history provides us because it is still rife with ideas and musical ventures that many have yet to discover and rediscover. Represented here are centuries of musical forms ranging from classical music to folk music.

Society for American Music

Founded in 1975, the non-profit Society for American Music preserves, examines and honors the music of American history and its global reach and influence. One of the important features is the membership, which allows users to network and gain access to publications of the Society. Awards are also bestowed upon stellar achievements in the music world. This is a grand introduction to American music through a reputable and information-rich website and organization.

by Jeff Boyce

Women Allied In Music

IAWM (The International Alliance for Women in Music) was created in 1995 to appreciate, promote and expand female roles in the world of music. Emphasizing historical and contemporary female composers (from Clara Edwards to Louise Talma), the website offers a myriad of resources and opportunities and has a growing membership. Be sure to check out the bi-yearly Journal of the IAWM.

by Jeff Boyce

Unlimited Classical Listening

Charts, touch screens, playlists, subscription services, free weekly albums and over 450,000 tracks and sheet music all meet here to expand your classical music listening journey. For novices, there are exemplary top lists of composers (including the classical music trinity of Bach, Mozart and Beethoven), genres (orchestral to operas), periods (Baroque to 21st century), albums and tracks (from Vivaldi to Debussy) and even a quiz. Links are provided for those interested to find out more on classical music utilized in films, operas and musicals, enough for everyone to realize this music’s extraordinary historical contribution to music and culture.

by Jeff Boyce

AccuRadio: The Next Generation of Radio

Internet and satellite radio offer more than the standard AM/FM radio and continue to thrive as a market. The Chicago-based AccuRadio, an award-winning independent online multichannel station, reaches approximately a million listeners a month with its selection of 300+ channels divided into the genres of Latin, urban, rock, oldies and classical, among others (see the “Complete Channel Guide”). It also fosters a music library, mailing list and an info section.

by Jeff Boyce

Putumayo World Music

Established to help people learn about the music of the world’s cultures, Putumayo World Music was founded in 1975 with a mission “guaranteed to make you feel good!” Combining upbeat music with folkloric art styles, it has appealed to cultural and art adherents the world over and has bases from South America to Oceania. Building on its successful track record, the Putumayo World Music Hour is the first commercial world music radio show and featured on 150 radio stations worldwide. The Women of the World: Acoustic CD, which celebrates International Women’s Day (March 8) and embraces some of the world’s leading female artists, is particularly engaging and demonstrates the creativity Putumayo World Music offers.

by Jeff Boyce

Classical Music for Kids

Classics for Kids is a classical music repository designed to provide children with a fun but engaging learning experience. There are radio shows, activities, games, a musical dictionary and even a directory of composers. Bright colors and appealing visuals will hold the children’s attention, and the reading material will enrich their vocabulary. There are also lesson plans and tips for teachers and parents alike on making the children’s understanding and appreciation of classical music a much more rewarding adventure.

by Jeff Boyce