Noteworthy Music Sites

Medieval Music Anyone?
Doing a paper on medieval music? Interested in learning more about baroque music? Anyone interested in finding more information on early music will find this site a useful jumping-off point to increasing their knowledge of pre-1750s music. The layout is straightforward yet efficient and simple to navigate.
One can find highly detailed descriptions of Pythagorean tuning and medieval polyphony or more casual listeners can simply find out what music can be categorized as “early.” Most interesting are the performer and composer discographies and the CD search index.
This site has plenty of links and information with a simple Web design that works.

Rap World
Attention hip hop fans: Bookmark this site! Streaming media fans will enjoy the blog and history sections. the dope selection of audio and video in Real Audio and Windows Media formats. The archives section presents audio and video that is honest and intense. This site is original (extra points for the e-graffiti section where anyone can bomb a train on their computer and send it to a friend). And one will be seemingly hard-pressed to find a better looking Web page.

A Think Tank of Talent
The American Composers Orchestra (ACO) was founded in 1977 by different composers and conductors to perform and preserve the music of American composers. Not just a conglomerate of performers, this site provides a think tank of influential musical minds have various readings, commissions, conferences and technological discussions about the future of American music.
The information on their Web site is in-depth and well written, with special features such as the Orchestral Technology Initiative, Coming to America: Immigrant Sounds and Voices, and a celebration of Latin American performers and composers. The site is easy to navigate and is full of excellent information for those who want to know more about the ACO.

by Jeff Sellers