Noteworthy Music Sites

Editor’s note: The following are websites that were reviewed in a past issue of Jupiter Index, but have been updated for our readers.

The World Wide Web is an endless tool that provides the space for researching and listening to music from the comfort of your own home. Many of the Websites listed will expand and inform musical knowledge. After all form and style play a large role in creating music.

Glenn Miller and a Swing Site
“The World Famous Glenn Miller Orchestra” celebrates itself on its own Web site dedicated to the “Greatest, most sought-after big band orchestra in the world.” Big band swing music and Glenn Miller fans have probably already seen this site. But, if you haven’t, make sure you check it out. If you are a musician looking to travel and/or join this world renowned orchestra, make sure you check out the personnel page.

Mozart and More
Mozart fans, you might need to take a seat before you faint because there is finally a sight that has lots of information on Mozart. You can do anything from looking at Mozart’s family tree to getting updated on upcoming Mozart tribute concerts. Musicians should flock to this site as it has tons of scores and musical essays. Make sure you check out the organizations for information on how to get together with other Mozart fans.

by Allie Schwartz

Style and Form
Interested in learning about note reading, intervals, scales, and chords? Check out the “Theory” section. Thinking about a career in music? Try “Professions.” Music Notes is helmed by student for students to increase their understanding of musical styles and attributes. A glossary and message board are available for better interaction with the Website.

by Jeff Boyce

Music Target
Geared toward the popular alt-rock scene, this site provides information and resources to stay updated within this vein of music. The site dedicates its homepage to weekly music headlines and a general pop chart. Other links within the site include a thorough archive of file-sharing sites and Web music news. This site is notable for those interested in the popular music scene.

Going From A-Z to Meet Your Lyrical Needs
A-Z lyrics makes a wide array of lyrics available to its viewers. Not only does it have a search engine, but if the lyrics are not available, one can request that they be put on the site. Also, if the lyrics are flawed in any way, the reader can submit the changes that need to be made. If the viewer is still not satisfied with the site, A-Z lyrics has a link that will provide its visitors with a list of other lyric sites.

by Sophia Castrillo