A Timeline and Sound Portal

Presented are five Websites that center on historical music data, such as music timelines and the science of sound. Peruse through the diverse audio collections and information to increase your knowledge and interests, from facts about sound and music chronologies to the preservations archived by the Library of Congress and Museum of Magnetic Sound Recording.

Tutorial Time


DataDragon Information Services provides online tutorials on music for novices, ranging from reading music (clefs, time signatures, notes, rests, and so forth) to listening to the various instruments such as the viola and oboe (broken down by instrument category). More links are provided for the visitor to explore.

by Jeff Boyce

Help in Music Homework


Homework Spot is designed to promote children’s education through various curriculums. The Classical Music page serves as a portal to other Websites on this musical genre and will especially benefit children with advanced learning on the topic. A fun site for those who want help in their music homework.

by Jeff Boyce

Hearing Safety


The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association sponsors the Listen To Your Buds public education campaign which emphasizes using personal audio technology safely. With so many different electronic devices within reach, 84% of all parents polled say that they are concerned about their children’s hearing. ASHA, therefore, educates parents, teachers, and children about the damaging effects that loud noise can cause and, in conjunction with other organizations, takes preventive measures to reduce noise-induced hearing loss.

by Jeff Boyce

Music Mapping


Aspiring pianists and other musicians will want to read Rebecca Payne Shockley’s published work Mapping Music: For Faster Learning and Secure Memory, which helps in developing systematic music learning skills. The concept of musical mapping ensures faster learning, more performance confidence, increased reading skills, and more enjoyable practice. In eight chapters, Shockley discusses important classical composers, styles, and strategies and techniques to improve musical cognition.

by Jeff Boyce

Resources for the Piano


“The World’s premier source of expertise in piano service and technology,” the Piano Technicians Guild (PTG), the organization of the Registered Piano Technician, is a comprehensive resource to aid teachers, pianists, piano owners, tuners, and technicians, whether they seek help in caring of the piano, buying tips on the piano, or starting a career as a pianist. The history and design of pianos is also included for those interested. The Website is broken down with resources for teachers and students that are engaging for all levels.

by Jeff Boyce