Carlos Núñez
Sony Music Entertainment

The first images that comes to mind with bagpipes are usually those of Scottish men dressed in kilts while playing unpleasant music. Galician bagpipe player Carlos Núñez, however, is able to fully overcome this stereotype by finding interesting and innovative ways to combine musical textures in his double CD album Discover.

Musician Carlos Núñez first began playing the Galician bagpipes at the age of eight in Vigo, Galicia, Spain. Núñez then experienced a musical revolution after the fall of the Franco dictatorship, an event that greatly influenced his musical style. After honing his talent for the Galician bagpipes, Núñez was eventually asked to perform several times with The Chieftans and even began touring the world with his own music. Today, he continues to tour around the world, playing at a wide variety of venues while continually learning and spreading his music to the masses.

Recently, the Galician musician has released a new double CD album titled Discover. The music in this album can best be described as traditional in sound and yet diverse in musicality. With previously unreleased pieces such as “Para Vigo Me Voy” and “Alborada de Vigo,” Núñez is able to bring the listener back to times of the Celtic cultural renaissance where Celtic music soared to new heights. Other artists such as Los Lobos, Jackson Browne and Sinead O’Connor contribute to a vast majority of the songs by combining their own instrumental and vocal talents with Núñez’s music. This brings much diversity to the overall thematic sound of the album as some songs contain orchestral accompaniment while others simply have fiddle or harp accompaniment. Overall, the album does an excellent job at giving the audience a good perspective of Núñez’s skills not only as a performer but as a musician.

by Michelle Marie Garcia