Bound To Find You Out

Bound To Find You Out

A staple of Austin, Texas, Slowtrain’s release Bound to Find You Out combines the Americana-oriented influences of Bob Dylan and the Band, the soulful vocals of Joe Cocker, and the rural and urban blues of Leadbelly and Muddy Waters. Leader Adoniram Lipton (vocals, guitar, piano) and his quartet (“the best Slowtrain has ever had,” he mentions) create a musically and lyrically solid love- and spiritually-centered debut.

“Not The Only One,” a jubilant opener and standout, recalls ‘70s-era piano rock riffs and features whistling at the fadeout, reminiscent of Otis Redding’s “(Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay.” The title track ups the ante with stuttering harmonica and high-pressured blues-inflected vocals, an energy that segues into the love poem “About You.” Co-producer Mark Addison (Guy Forsyth, Sara Hickman) lends his organ chops to the rolling keys and Elton John-posturing of “Nobody Loves Me (Like You Do).” The influence of Bob Dylan is preponderant. “Love Me Again” is a Dylan-esque ballad, and “Waiting Just for You” is bedecked in biblical imagery, recalling Dylan’s Christian period, while the literary-steeped “Just Like Cheever” is a paean to the classic novelist John Cheever, again using Dylan’s allusive techniques.

Bound To Find You Out’s accomplished musicians and skilled songwriting, recalling the ‘70s roots-oriented and singer-songwriter foundation, makes it a worthwhile set.

by Jeff Boyce