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The Slaughterhouse Sessions
Wilory Records

The Slaughterhouse Sessions, is the second installment in Terri Hendrix's Project 5 – a (as the name suggests) five-part album project exploring themes of love, friendship, loyalty, hope, and resilience. Filled to the brim with soulful, down-home country and bluegrass rhythms, "Slaughterhouse Sessions" is at once dreamy in its lyrical simplicity and haunting in its timeliness. The track "One of These Mornings" is a harmonica-spangled manifesto of "checking out" of a situation long past its expiration date, something everyone can relate to. The slow acoustic "I Will Arise" explores manners of faith and religious devotion in the twenty-first century, nicely paired with "Bury the Devil," which opens with a more-than-a-tad creepy recording of an old-time revival and denounces the pain and darkness that seem to be ever-present in our world. "Ain't It a Shame" and "Double Shift Tuesday" expand on this theme, exploring racial tension, gun violence, and economic hardship that are at currently at forefront of discussion in America. "Sun of the Soul" rounds the album out with a call to remember resilience and hope in the face of evil and fear, with plenty of soothing guitar chords to boot.

New and devoted fans of Hendrix will be moved by her song craft and firm but sensitive approach to hard questions in this vulnerable musical foray, and even those reluctant listeners of country-style music will find it hard to resist swooning and tapping their feet.

by Nori Hubert